Solar Power -Concentrating Solar Power

  1. Renewable Energy Programs of Greece, Dr. Panagiotis Chaviaropoulos, Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
  2. Energy Policy in Cyprus, Prof. Constantinos Christofides, University of Cyprus
  3. Conclusions of the Study of the Bank of Greece on the "Environmental Economic and Social Impact of Climate Change in Greece", Prof. Christos Zerefos, Academy of Athens
  4. Activities of the Energy Committee of the Academy of Athens, Prof. Loucas Christophorou, Academy of Athnes
  5. Introducton to the EASAC Energy Program, Dr John Holmes, EASAC
  6. The EASAC CSP Study, Prof. Robert Pitz-Paal, Co-director, Institute of Solar Research, German Aerospace Center DLR, Germany
  7. The Spanish Experience of CSP, Prof. Cayetano Lopez, Director General of CIEMAT, Spain
  8. CSP Developments in Italy, Dr Fabrizio Fabrizi, ENEA, Italy
  9. The Desertec Initiative, Dr Oliver Steinmetz, DESERTEC Foundation, Germany