Research Centre for Greek Philosophy

The Research Centre for Greek Philosophy of the Academy of Athens was founded in 1966 in order to contribute in the highest possible degree to research concerning Greek philosophy and its history. Officially it started to function in the spring of 1970 and it became a vehicle for the systematic research and thorough study of the ancient philosophical sources and texts of the Greek philosophers as well as for the compilation and critical evaluation of modern bibliography on Greek philosophy, from its very beginning (presocratic, Platonic, Aristotelian) through the Hellenistic and Byzantine period to the 18th and 19th century.


Supervising Committee:
 Constantine Despotopoulos
Members: Evanghelos MoutsopoulosIoannis (John) Zizioulas Metropolitan of Pergamon, Epameinondas Speliotopoulos, Anna Benaki - Psarouda

Supervisor: Evanghelos Moutsopoulos, e-mail:

Maria Protopapa-Marneli (Tel. +30 210 3664 606), e-mail:

Research Staff:
Doukas Kapantais (Tel. +30 210 3664 663), e-mail:
Apostolos Stavelas (Tel. +30 210 3664 665), e-mail:

Academic Associates (Former Directors) (salaryless):
Linos Benakis
Anna Kelessidou
Anna-Chloe Aravantinou-Bourloyianni





Contact Details:
Address:14 Anagnostopoulou str. 106 73 Athens
Tel.: +30210 3664625
Fax: +30210 3664624