Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology

The Centre was founded under the Law 624/1977, following a decision of the Plenum of the Academy of Athens, endorsing a proposal by the late academician Elias C. Mariolopoulos.
The Senate of the Academy of Athens appointed as first Supervisor of the Centre, late Elias Mariolopoulos, who, together with its first Director Professor Christos Zerefos, organized the Center.
The library of the Centre is enriched thanks to the donations of the meteorological and climatic library of late Mariolopoulos, the meteorological libraries of the former Directors of the Hellenic National Meteorological Service, S. Papagiannakis and G. Daniil and others. The library of the Centre was also enriched through purchases of books and scientific publications. The biggest part of the library of the Centre is now located in the Central Library of the Academy of Athens.
The aims of the Centre are:
" The study of climate fluctuations in any period.
" The systematic study of the observations related to the upper layers of the atmosphere.
" The collection and processing of observations related to air pollution.

The Centre has established collaborations with many European Research Centers namely NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies-ΗΠΑ (G. Tselioudis), University of Giessen-Germany (J. Luterbacher, E. Xoplaki), University of Oslo-Norway (I. Isaksen), University of Toulouse-France (J.-P. Cammas, V. Thouret), Research Center Juelich-Germany (A. Volz-Thomas), EU Joint Research Center Ispra-Italy (D. Kotzias, D. Sarigiannis) Cyprus Institute of Technology (M. Lange, P. Hadjinicolaou).
The Centre has developed also collaborations with many establishments in Greece namely University of Thessaloniki (A. Bais, D. Melas, D. Balis, P. Zanis, K. Tourpali), National Technical University of Athens (A. Papayannis), National Observatory of Athens (E. Gerasopoulos, C. Giannakopoulos, D. Founda, S. Kazadzis, V. Amoiridis), University of Athens (P. Nastos, K. Eleftheratos), University of Crete, N. Mihalopoulos, University of Patras (A. Kazatzidis), T.E.I. of Piraeus (A. Paliatsos).

In the framework of these collaborations, the Center participates in European and National research projects, in which 5 collaborating scientists are employed (K. Douvis, I. Kapsomenakis, M. Vrekousis, D. Konsta, N. Vidiadakis)

The results of the research in the Center are published in reviewed international journals or in the series "Editions" of the Centre and / or in the Proceedings of Scientific Conferences.


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