Research Centre for the History of Greek Law

History- Aims
The Research Centre for the History of Greek Law (ΚΕΙΕΔ in Greek) was founded in 1929 (Resolution No 88/12-January-1929) on the initiative of Demetrios P. Pappoulias, Professor of Civil Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Athens and member of the Academy. Initially, it was called Archive of the History of Greek Law and in 1966 it was renamed Research Centre for the History of Greek Law. At the time of its foundation, the aim was described as "to collect, comment on and publish the customary legal rules of the Greeks and of the legally significant information dispersed in the literary sources of the byzantine and post-byzantine era" (art 115 Academy's Regulation). In the course of time, the Centre broadened the perspective of its researches and now includes all historical periods of Greek law, since antiquity. The Centre, through research and publications, is one of the main institutions promoting the study of the history of Greek law as well as its influence on other legal systems. In order to promote the study of the less well-known post-byzantine law through publication of synthetic works, the Centre aims:
a) to collect and publish all the unpublished legal sources of the post-byzantine period,
b) to present in a systematic fashion the published to-date sources of post-byzantine law, in order to continue and complement D. Gine's (1966) Historical outline of post-byzantine law, Athens (Pragmateiai tes Akademias Athenon 26), with supplements in EEBΣ 39-40 (1972-73) 201-246 and EEBΣ 43 (1977-78) 152-187

The Centre has a significant record in publications. In particular, it has published
1. a series of sources of legal history, such as
the Δικανική Τέχνη of Dem. Katartzes-Photiades (1793), Νομικόν Πρόχειρον of M. Photeinopoulos (Bucarest 1765-1777), Νομοκάνων of Georgios Trapezountios, an early publication of the provisions on betrothal (ch. 269-298) of Malaxos' Νομοκάνων,
2. court decisions illustrating how law was applied such as
the decisions of the Sea Court (1828-1829), of the local courts of Ottoman occupied Mykonos (17th-19th centuries), the first post revolutionary decisions of the Court of First Instance of Skyros, and the decisions of the Court of Appeal of Parga between 1803-1805,
3. notarial protocols from Cyclades and the Ionian Islands such as
the notarial protocol of I. Meniates (1680-1689) from Naxos, the protocol of the notaries of Corfou, I. Chondromatis (1472-1473), P. Varagas (1541-1545), Ph. Katoimeris (1503-1507) and A. Alexakis (1513-1516).


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