Research Projects

The Centre is currently engaged in the following major research projects:

I. "Consequences of Economic Migration for the Greek Society". The project has covered the following subjects already published in its Yearbook and its Publications Series:

a) Second Generation Immigrants: Between School and Work (Yearbook No 8-9).

b) Migration in Greece: The Legal Framework comprising:
- 'Entry' and 'Residency': Two aspects of Legality and Illegality, and The Status of Refugees in Greece (Yearbook No 6);
- International and Community Migration Law (Publications No 10);

The research program of the Centre on the migration continues with the following subjects:

a) "Migrants and Illegal Migrants" (main researcher Alice Vaxevanoglou);
b) "Human Trafficking. Combatting and Protection of Victims' Rights" (Supervisor Georgios Mitsopoulos, Research Director M.-G. Lily Stylianoudi, main researcher Pr. Konstantinos Magliveras);

II) Together with the research project on migration, the Centre continues its basic research on "The Greek Family" currently focused on:

- The Greek Family and Foreign Workers at the dawn of the 21st century: Transformation, Inertia, Resistance and Social Pathology (main researcher Nikolaos Kaberis);
as well as in cases of
- Mixed Marriages (main researchers M.-G. Lily Stylianoudi, Nikolaos Kaberis).