Telelis Ioannis

Ioannis Telelis
Senior Researcher

Biographical note

Research Interests

  • Byzantine Philology, Philosophy and History
  • Aristotle in Byzantium (especially the integration of the Aristotelian doctrine during the Palaeologan Renaissance)
  • Edition of Byzantine philosophical texts (especially with scientific/environmental orientation)
  • Environmental history and Byzantine studies (topics on human-natural environment relation and impacts, on the perception of natural environment by the Byzantines, on climate history of Byzantium)



  • 1965. Born in Athens, Greece
  • until 1987. Graduate study of History and Archaeology, University of Ioannina, Greece
  • 1989-1995. Preparation of Dissertation
  • 1992. One semester internship in the University of Münster (Germany)
  • 1996-2003. High school teacher / Post-doctoral research
  • 2003-        . Researcher position in the Research Center for Greek and Latin Literature, Academy of Athens


Academic grades

  • Bachelor of History and Archaeology, University of Ioannina, Greece 1987
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Byzantine History, University of Ioannina, Greece 1995
  • Dissertation’s title: Meteorological Phenomena and Climate in Byzantium: Approach of sources' information and empirical indications concerning climatic fluctuations in Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (A.D. 300-1500). Supervisor: Prof. Evangelos Chryssos


Awards and Distinctions

  • 1992. ERASMUS scholarship in the University of Münster (Germany)
  • 1998. «Nikos Svoronos» Prize 1996 for young historians awarded by the Institute of Mediterranean Studies / Foundation of Research and Technology (Crete)
  • 2000. National Scholarships’ Foundation (IKY) scholarship for post-doctoral research: "The meteorological theories in Byzantium (11th-15th centuries A.D.)" (National Hellenic Research Foundation/ Department of Byzantine Research)


Professional / administrative experience

  • 1988 – 1990. External Researcher in the research project: « Reconstruction of past Mediterranean Climate in Historical Time» held by the Dept. of Astrophysics and Meteorology in cooperation with the Institute of Byzantine History (Ioannina University) (EEC project: Contract EV-0028-GR (TT)
  • 1992 – 1994. Contribution to the electronic processing (storyboarding) and production of textual material for the multimedia educational CD-ROM «COFIA»: an electronic library for the teaching and the research of Byzantine history and art. (SAPPHO European project, developed by the  Lambrakis Research Foundation)
  • 1999 – 2000. External cooperator in the University of Athens, Dept. of Information System, Educational and Language Technology Laboratory, for the KASTALIA multimedia project
  • 2003-          . Editorial research in the Research Center for Greek and Latin Literature of the Academy of Athens (“Critical Edition of Georgios’ Pachymeres Philosophia”)


Participation in scientific associations

  • 2005-          . Member of the Greek Committee of Byzantine Studies
  • 2008-          . Contributor to the Byzantinische Zeitschrift with bibliographic lemmas of the Greek bibliographic production (from vol. 100/1 2008)


Participation in scientific conferences (with paper submission) - lectures

  • 1990 «European climate reconstructed from documentary data: Methods and results» Mainz, Germany, organized by the European Science Foundation (ESF). Title of paper: ”The Byzantine Sources as Documentary Evidence for the Reconstruction of Historical Climate. A characteristic example: the severe winter 763-4 A.D.
  • 1992. «Citta e Ambiente. Giorntate di Studio Europee per l' Ambiente», Padova, Italy, organized by the Padovafiere. Title of paper: “The great climatic risks of the past: The drought described by Byzantine sources (4th-6th cent. A.D.)”
  • 1997. «Byzanz als Raum», Wien, Austria, organized by the Tabula Imperii Byzantini. Title of paper: “Medieval Warm Period and the beginning of the Little Ice Age in Eastern Mediterranean. An approach of physical and anthropogenic evidence"
  • 1998. 1st Symposium of Byzantinologists from Greece and Cyprus, Ioannina. Title of lecture: “Byzantine history and history of climate: situation and perspectives of the research”
  • 2005. The 22nd International Congress of History of Science, Beijing, China. Title of paper: “Historical – Climatological Information from the time of Byzantine Empire (4th-15th centuries A.D.)”
  • 2005. 6th Symposium of Byzantinologists from Greece and Cyprus. Title of lecture: “Το «βιβλίον πέμπτον των Μετεωρικών» της «Φιλοσοφίας» του Γεωργίου Παχυμέρη και οι πηγές του”
  • 2006. The 21nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies, London, U.K. Title of lecture: “Weather and climate as factors affecting land transport and communications in Byzantium”
  • 2010. «Επιστήμης κοινωνία - Eιδικές μορφωτικές εκδηλώσεις: Άνθρωπος και Περιβάλλον στο Βυζάντιο», Athens, Greece. Title of lecture: “Τo ύδωρ ως ευλογία και ως συμφορά: Η αντίληψη των Βυζαντινών για το νερό μέσα από την εμπειρία των μετεωρολογικών φαινομένων»
  • 2013. The Avkat Archaeological project: workshop II. Climate, environment and history in Anatolia ca 200-1000 CE. Title of lecture: «Environmental history and Byzantine studies: a survey of topics and results».
  • 2014.  A Sociolinguistic Approach to Late Byzantine History Writing / Die soziokulturellen Tendenzen der Paläologenzeit im Spiegel der zeitgenössischen Historiker. Vienna, September 1 – 2, 2014. Title of lecture: «Tεχνικὸς διδάσκαλος: Georgios Pachymeres as a Paraphrasist of Aristotelian Meteorology».
  • 2015. «Ο Ελληνολατινικός Κόσμος (13ος-18ος αι.). Φυσικές καταστροφές και επιδημίες στην ελληνοβενετική Ανατολή». Title of lecture: «Κλιματικές αλλαγές και ιστορικό γίγνεσθαι: ερευνητικές προσεγγίσεις με αφορμή τη μελέτη φυσικών φαινομένων της ύστερης βυζαντινής περιόδου». 

Information and contact

tel. +30-210-3664657