Research Center for Public Health Research and Education

The Center for Public Health Research and Education (CPHRE) was proposed by the Plenary decision taken at the 3123rd session on 6 October 2022, following the election of Professor Antonia Trichopoulou, in 2021 as a full member of the Academy of Athens in the seat "Medical Sciences: Epidemiology - Public Health".

The Center was established in 2023 as decreed in the 3326 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE Issue A' 55/10.03.2023, its purpose is to promote scientific research in the fields of health and disease prevention.

a) Conduct and support scientific research and education aimed at promoting health and preventing diseases.

b) Record data on the health of the Greek population, at regular intervals, through the recording of socio-economic data, health history and the assessment of biochemical, genetic, anthropometric, nutritional and environmental indicators in a representative sample of the population.

c) Conduct epidemiological investigations and the preparation of epidemiological and related studies.

d) Contribution to the recording of the specific genetic characteristics in a representative population of Greece and its correlation with health and disease characteristics.

e) Contribution of the development of precision medicine with the creation of a database for genetic data.

f) Use of databases for research and educational purposes.

Research Programs:

  • Data analysis and longitudinal monitoring of the HYDRIA cohort
  • Composition Tables of Greek Foods
  • Effect of lifestyle interventions (Mediterranean diet, exercise) on survival and immune response of patients with chronic diseases


Address and Contact Details:

23 Alexandroupoleos, Athens 11527


TEL. +30 2107770697