Research Center of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Foundation and Aim
The foundation of the Research Center of Pure and Applied Mathematics(RCPAM) was decided unanimously at the plenary session of the Academy of Athens during the session Number 2510. It constitutes an upgrading of the Research Office of Pure Mathematics (ROPM), which was operating since 1992 under the supervision of the Academician Prof. N. K. Artemiadis.
The aim of the Centre is to promote scientific research in Pure and Applied Mathematics. This is to be achieved through:
a) The conduct of research in well determined mathematical topics.
b) The scientific cooperation with appropriate national and international scientific
c) The implementation of a series of scientific talks or seminars by the researchers of the
    RCPAM, as well as, by other scientists.

In addition, the RCPAM will continue to inform the general public about mathematical developments through non-technical scientific talks.

Furthermore, the RCPAM will coordinate the activities of the National Mathematical Committee of the Academy of Athens. This Committee is the only proper body representing Greece in international mathematical organisations, such as the International Mathematical Union (IMU), in which, as a rule, other countries are also represented by their national academies.


Contact Details
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