Center For Space Research and Technology


The Office of Space Research and Technology was established in 2005, following the election of Prof. S. M. Krimigis in the position of "Space Sciences" of the Academy of Athens in 2004.
The Office's activities cover research and public outreach in the fields of Space and Magnetospheric Physics, Planetary Physics, and Plasma Physics, with emphasis in the analysis of data provided by ongoing space missions, in which the Office of Space Research actively participates and also collaborates with institutions such as the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) of the Johns Hopkins University in the U.S.A., the Max Planck Institut für Sonnensystemforschung in Germany, and the Centre d' Etude Spatiale des Rayonnements in France. The results of the Office's research are regularly published, either through articles in refereed international scientific journals and books, or through contributions in international scientific conferences over the world.
The activities of the Office also include the organization of scientific meetings, seminars and presentations, addressed not only to the scientific community (seminars of the Academy of Athens, lectures at Educational Institutes of Greece), but also for the public (open talks, interviews to the media), and supervising graduate students in Space Physics-related subjects.
The Office of Space Research and Technology is located at the building of the Section of Sciences of the Academy of Athens, in Papagos, Athens.

Stamatios Krimigis, E-mail:,, Tel.: +30 210 6597 123

Associates (salaryless):
Dr. Nick Sergis (Research Associate) E-mail:, Tel. +30 210 6597 639
Dr. Kostas Dialynas (Research Associate), e-mail: 

Katerina Panagiotakopoulou, E-mail:, Tel. +30 210 6597 667

Research programs:
Data analysis on the following missions: Voyager, Ulysses, ACE, Cassini, MESSENGER, New Horizons.

63 in refereed journals and 181 talks at international meetings from 2007.

4, Soranou Efesiou str., 11527, Papagos, Athens, Greece.
Tel.: 210 6597 667
Fax: 210 6597 641