Research Office of the Science of Informatics and Electronics

Foundation and aims:
The Research Office of the Science of Informatics and Electronics was founded in 1994 and it is directed by professor and Academician Panos Ligomenides. Aim of the Research Office is the research of significances and relations of the Science of Information, as well as the development of methodologies and tools for the application of Information technology, particularly in the analysis of medical imaging and the diagnosis of cancer.
The basic aim is the development of a non invasive method precocious, preventive, and high reliability diagnostic method for cancer (for nodules 5 until 15 thousandth in the lung) with economically accessible means and with functional processes, so that its application is feasible via Programs of Demographic Preventive Medicine with portable diagnostic units and via telemedicine networks.
Moreover, Hippocrates-mst was recently completed, a system which strengthens the diagnostics process in breast cancer offering digital tools for the observation of the mammographic image, allowing a step by step evaluation of venturousness of the suspicious microcalcifications, allowing the compensation of important information with regard to the age, the family medical background, and any clinical or laboratorial examinations of patient.

Supervisory Board

Members: George Contopoulos, Loucas Christophorou, Athanasios Fokas, Christos Zerefos

Supervisor:  -----------------------------------

Research Fellows:
Smaragda Kapsimalakou MD
Dr George Spyrou, Medical Informatics
Antonios Frigas MSc, Health Informatics

Contact Address:
Soranou Efessiou 4, 115 27, Athens
Telephone: 210-6597161