Research Projects

The Creto-Mycenaean Programme
Researchers: C. Boulotis - K. Kalogeropoulos.
a) Excavation at the prehistoric site of Koukonissi at Lemnos (Researcher: C. Boulotis).
b) The Mycenean Acropolis at Brauron (Researcher: K. Kalogeropoulos).

c) The Mycenean Acropolis at Athens (Researcher: K. Kalogeropoulos)

The Classical Programme
1) Study and publication of ancient Greek pottery.
Researchers: V. Sabetai.
The programme started in 1985 and includes also the international project of the Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (see below).

2) Study and publication of ancient Greek sculpture.
Researcher: V. Machaira
The programme started in 1996 and includes also the international project of Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani

Study and publication of the Hellenistic sculpture in the Museum of Rhodes and the Aegean in general.

The Roman Program
- Study and publication of History and Topography.
Researcher: G. Zachos.
It includes also the international project of the Tabula Imperii Romani.

International Archaeological Projects 

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. The aim of the project is to publish ancient Greek pottery in museums and private collections.
1) Athenian Private Collections (Researcher: M. Pipili) [Research Committee code no. 200/584].
2) Eleusis, Archaeological Museum (Researcher: M. Tiverios) [Research Committee code no. 200/513].
3)Athens Benaki Museum: Black-figure vases (Researcher: E. Vivliodetis).
4) Athens, National Archeological Museum: Pelikai of the 5th cent. B.C. (Researcher: G. Kavvadias) [Research Committee code no. 200/515].
5) Athens, National Archeological Museum: Hydriae of the 6th and 5th cent. B.C. (Researcher: O. Tzachou-Alexandri).
6) Athens, Canellopoulos Museum (Researcher: A. Zarkadas)
7) Athens, National Archeological Museum: Boeotian and corinthian vases of the 4th cent. B.C. (Researcher: Chr. Avronidaki).
8) Athens, National Archeological Museum: Black- and red-figure pyxides (Researcher: E. Vivliodetis).
9) Thessaloniki, Archaeological Museum (Researcher: E. Kefalidou).

Tabula Imperii Romani. This project aims at the preparation of a map of the Roman empire consisting of 56 sheets on the scale 1:1.000.000. The sheets are accompanied by an index which gives geographical, historical and archaeological data, and bibliographic information on each site on the maps. The preparation of the Greek sheets is funded by the Research Committee of the Academy of Athens [Supervising Academician: V. Petrakos].

Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum. The purpose of this project is to publish ancient Greek coins in Museums or Private Collections. The preparation of some Greek volumes is funded by the Research Committee of the Academy of Athens.

1) Athens, Numismatic Museum: The A. Christomanos Collection, Vol. II (Researchers: M. Oikonomidou - P. Tselekas) [Research Committee code no. 200/540].
2) Athens, Numismatic Museum: The P.Z. Saroglos Collection, Vol. II (Researchers: S. Psoma - I. Touratsoglou).

Corpus Signorum Imperii Romani. The project aims at the publication of all sculpture of the Roman world.

1) Patras, Archaeological Museum (Researcher: I. Papapostolou).
2) Athens, National Archeological Museum: Male statues of the Roman period (Researcher: N. Kaltsas).
3) Athens, National Archeological Museum: Roman marble sarcophagi (Researcher: S. Katakis).