Modern Greek History Research Center Library

The Centre’s library specialises in books on 19th and 20th century history and is one of the specialised libraries of the Academy of Athens. It contains over 10,000 volumes, and serves primarily the needs of the research projects of the Centre. Key subject headings cover Greek and European political, social and economic history, history of ideas and education and methodology of history. The library also includes publications of archival sources, series of government publications, inventories and catalogues, pamphlets and a small collection of maps. The library is enriched by means of a policy of purchases, exchanges and donations. The following private libraries have been donated to the Centre:

  • Rangabe Library
  • Chatziskou Library
  • Eleftherios Prevelakis Library, (the library of the former director of the KEINE, donated by his wife Lili Prevelakis)
  • Michael and Agni Sakellariou Library
  • Elenis Belia Library

Search the library online through the general online catalogue of the Academy OPAC.

Please note that this is strictly a reference and not a lending library.