I. The Centre  publishes a Yearbook entitled "Elliniki Koinonia: Yearbook of the Research Centre for Greek Society", (ISSN: 1108-3816). It has already published 12 Volumes which contain articles based on the research projects the Centre has conducted:
Vol.1 (1987), Vol. 2-3 (1994), Vol. 4 (1998), Vol. 5 (2001), Vol. 6 (2006), Vol. 7 (2007), Vol. 8-9 (2009), Vol. 10-11 (2017),Vol. 12 (2022).

II. The Centre also publishes a series of Publications entitled "Publications of the Research Centre for Greek Society". These publications comprise monographs and case studies as well: 
No 1: ΑΝΝΑ ΑΜΙRΑ, Old and Young: Towards a better Old Age, Athens 1988, English translation of the monograph "Gia na gerasoume oloi kalytera" (In Order to better grew Older), Athens 1986.

No 2: The Demographic Problem in Greece: Low Birthrate and Ageing Population (in Greek, ed. G. Gizelis), Athens 1990.

No 3: Youth and Senior Citizens (collection of essays, in Greek, ed. G. Gizelis), Athens 1991.

No 4: The Position of Greek Industry in the European Community: Consequences of Integration and Future Prospects (collection of essays, in Greek, ed. G. Gizelis), Athens 1993.

No 5: The Public Sector: Consequences of the Integration into the European Community and Future Prospects (collection of essays, in Greek. ed. G. Gizelis), Athens 1993.

No 6: The Development of Thrace: Challenges and Prospects. 2nd edition (collection of essays, in Greek, ed. G. Gizelis), Athens 1995.

No 7: ALEXANDROS I. DESPOTOPOULOS, The Greek Preparation for War; 1923-1940, Athens 1998.

No 8: a. VASSOS MATHIOPOULOS, The Participation of Greece in the 2nd World War, Volume A, 1 and 2, Athens 1998.
          b. SOPHOKLIS G. DIMITRAKOPOULOS and ALEXANDROS ZAOUSSIS, The Participation of Greece in the 2nd World War, Volume B, 1 and 2, Athens 1998.

No 9: Decentralisation and Local Government: Observations and Proposals (collection of essays, in Greek, ed. ), Athens 2000.

No 10: KONSTANTINOS  D. MAGLIVERAS, Migration and International Law - The Action by the United Nations and the Council of Europe (in Greek with an English abstract), Athens 2008.

No 11: G. GIZELIS, Patron-Client System, Greek Bureaucracy and Factors of the Formation of the Greek Specificity (in Greek, with an English abstract), Athens 2009.

No 12: The Aegean Duchy. Proceedings of the Scientific Meeting on Naxos and in Athens 2007, (Bilingual publication in Greek and Italian, eds: M-G Lily Stylianoudi and N. G. Moschonas), Athens 2009.

No.  13  Population trends and prospects: Greece and the European Union. Conference Proceedings. Athens 13-14 March 2009. Research Centre for Greek Society - Hellenic Society for Demographic Studies. Athens. 2011, σ. 364 ISBN: Academy of Athens 978- 960-404-225-8 ISBN: Hellenic Society for Demographic Studies 978-960-87751-3-8   

No. 14. Series: Anthropological and Sociological Aspects of the Rural Area of Greek Society

No. 14/1 NIKOS KABERIS, Immigration and the wedding market. Mixed marriages of Greek peasants with Albanian women. An empirical study in the prefecture of Etoloakarnania for the period 1990-2005. Athens 2011, p. 115 ISBN: 978-960-404-220-3

No. 14/2 NIKOS KABERIS, Rural crisis, job insecurity and social uncertainty for young farmers. Survey in the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania 1997-2001. Athens 2013, p. 190 ISBN: 978-960-404-275-3 

No. 14/3 NIKOS KABERIS, Deadlocks and despair in the Greek countryside: the suicides of farmers. A survey in the prefecture of Etoloakarnania 1994-2008. Athens 2016, p. 180 ISBN: 978-960-404-317-0 

15. CONSTANTINOS I. DESPOTOPOULOS, Issues of Political Science and Politics. Athens 2012, p. 120 ISBN: 978-960-404-234-0 

No. 16 - ALEXANDROS-F. LAGOPOULOS, The symbolism of space in ancient Greece. Athens 2012, p. 82 ISBN: 978-960-404-239-5

No.17 - KONSTANTINOS D. MAGLIVERAS, Trafficking in Persons: criminal repression and protection of victims' rights (concurrent analysis of the UN Model Law on Combating Trafficking in Persons). Athens 2014, p. 171 ISBN: 978-960-404-276-0 

No. 18 - CHARALAMBOS TSEKERIS, Crisis, institutions, identities and youth in contemporary Greek society. Athens 2018, p. 260 ISBN: 978-960-404-348-4

No. 19 - ALKISTIS VEREVI, The transformations of teachers' identity at a time of crisis. Athens 2020, p. 270 ISBN: 978-960-404-378-1 

No. 20 - KATERINA VASSILIKOU, International family and contemporary migration. The case of domestic workers from Balkan and Eastern European countries in Greece. Athens 2021, p. 175 ISBN: 978-960-404-390-3